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With naked yoga, you get a chance to know your body better and see it in different light. It’s inspiring and adds confidence and raises your self-esteem as you will enjoy watching yourself. It simply gives you knowledge to embrace yourself by looking at your imperfections and open your heart widely to the most important person in the world – you. Our sessions will help anyone who wishes to break free of the emotional downtime, it breaks the walls of celebration that we all want, it let us enjoy being yourself and helps to understand what we are capable to be. You can often find cam girls performing yoga on live cams and can check how it looks like on Camlis before coming to our classes. This experience will give you a first impression of how it all looks like and decide if you want to take a step further and join us.

We believe that the role of clothing plays a huge part in our social life and with naked yoga we can be yourself without hiding by wearing a mask.

For those who are willing to come to our classes for purpose to see naked girls, you should better go watch nude cam striptease instead as we are here for YOGA and our main purpose is to educate people by showing them that being your true self is OK. Simple as that. Period.

Many can think that it’s all about sex, but it’s a mistake, because naked yoga is just sexy but doesn’t have any more in anyway. Everyone who loves to be naked can have a feeling of sex, but it comes from inside, it just makes us feel alive and enjoy life.

Early appearances of nude yoga

History of naked yoga presumably began in ancient Hindu sect Naga Babas – it is a kind of the Indian sadhus who renounced wordly life of ascetics. It is till today nude – women live naked. The nakedness in the spiritual purposes was encouraged in Bkhagavata-puran – one of eighteen Old Indian traktatov-Puran. “The person who left wordly life can avoid even a dress to cover himself. If he in general carries something, it has to be only the loincloth” – it is said in the text. The spiritual nakedness is still widespread among ascetic followers certain religions. However followers of a digambara did not allow women before practice of naked yoga. They believed that presence of women made horney men and interfered with their way to an enlightenment.

In the West interest in nakedness as to the being spirituality appeared in the 20th century thanks to social movements Lebensreform. They considered nakedness as one of the practician who symbolized return to the nature for physical and intellectual improvement of the personality. The historian from the University of California Sara Skrank in the research about yoga in the USA noted change of the relation to yoga and nakedness in the 1970th years when they “became more internally bound with sex” though in the 1960th influential educational institutes in the sphere of human potential actively gave classes in naked yoga.

The naked yoga began to be rehabilitated after in 2001 in New York the first studio of this Hot Nude Yoga direction opened and later on moved online to Jasminelive.

Whether Yoga has to be Sexual

“Why Yoga Pants Are Bad for Women” – article with such heading was published in The New York Times. The author complains that the beginning of occupations yoga became for her intolerable because of excessive hobby of visitors of yoga-studios for fashionable sportswear, especially leggings. She came to occupation in “track bottoms”. “Several women took of me the laughing views. Perhaps, they felt sorry for me, or, maybe, they were concerned by the fact that my free trousers will get confused in car tires” – she writes. The author pays special attention to leggings which carried most of visitors of a lesson: “We wear these clothes for trainings not because in it is cool or is more convenient. We carry them because they are sexy”.

The blogger Hanna GypsyOn sharing the moments of the practice with half a million subscribers on Instagram also speaks about excessive enthusiasm of people for clothes for yoga. “If people are inclined to look at the person who is less dressed, then everything that I can tell – people have to see more naked people. Perhaps, if so was, they would not grow up such hungry and perverted in assessment of a female body, paying to see topless dancers in a strip club” – she writes. This also applies to live webcam shows where girls are nude and guys watching live broadcasts willing to pay to see them nude. According to her, the smaller enthusiasm for clothes for yoga helps to feel more comfortable with itself and not to try to be someone another, except itself.